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Bucketlist business planning
Jack Hubbard, Founder at Propellernet & Dream Valley

Why I gave my company away
Simon Cohen, founder of Global Tolerance

Winning without losing
Martin Bjergegaard, Co-founder at Rainmaking & Startupbootcamp

Make things people want rather than making people want things
John Wilshire, Founder at Smithery & Artefact Cards

Using design as your competitive advantage
Andy Budd, CEO at Clearleft

Finding entrepreneurial happiness in business
Mark Rowland, Delivering Happiness

How to find a business idea you love & launch it in 30 days
John Williams, Founder Screw Work Let's Play

The grand theory of everything
Tai Lopez, Serial entrepreneur & investor

Creating your own story of the world
Dorothy, Dean & Jonny, Co-founders at



"Just start starting things"
Sanderson Jones, Sunday Assembly

"Entrepreneurship is an incredible platform for learning"
Jeremiah Gardner, Author The Lean Brand

"Happiness & Startups, my two favourite topics"
Martin Bjergegaard, Rainmaking and StartupBootcamp

"What does success feel like to you?"
Simon Cohen, Global Tolerance

"You can make an impact"
Tai Lopez, Investor & Entrepreneur

"Stop doing business and start being human"
Kees Klomp

"Do or do not. There is no try"
Mark Rowland, Founder ROCeteer

"It's not either profit or purpose, it's both profit and purpose"
Laila Pawlak, Dare2dk

Investigate what money means to you
Charles Davies, 45 Baker St

"Start with something small and do it right now"
John Williams, Screw Work Let's Play

"F$*k convention, follow your purpose"
Max St John, 45 Baker St

"Find your passion & make it happen"
Carlos & Laurence, Co-founders of The Happy Startup School and the brains behind Summercamp

"Slow down and reflect on what's important to you" - Shamash Alidina, author of The Mindful Way Through Stress

"A rising tide rises all boats"
Andy Budd, Co-founder Clearleft

"Don't think you have to conquer the world straight away"
Andrew Essa, The Social Experiences Club

"Just do what you love"
Matt Lane, Founder of BeerBods

"Make sure you have a story to tell"
Penina Shepherd, Founder Acumen Business Law

"Relationships bring results"
Chevi Davis, Freelance Startup PR expert