Pursuing happiness in a cotton field

Apurva Kothari is the inspirational founder of No Nasties, an ethical clothing company from India.

A mission-driven company if ever there was one, No Nasties wasn’t established just to be another fashion label, but to stand out as makers of affordable ethical clothing that would become part of people’s everyday wardrobes. Their driving philosophy is ‘look good, feel good and do good’.

Watch this moving talk where Apu shares his battle between chasing happiness and making a difference.

Purpose is pain

Happiness isn't all about smiles, daisies and rainbows. It's about compassion, solving problems and deep fulfillment as a result of making a difference. In short, it's about other people, not us.

In this emotional final talk at Summercamp 2016, Kees Klomp shares his definition of what true purpose really is. He was happy to ruffle a few feathers to get his point across. Challenging, thought provoking and from the heart.

The power of love: creating the museum of happiness

In 2014 at our second Summercamp Shamash made a pitch to start a museum of happiness. Now at Summercamp 2016 Shamash talks of the highs and lows of starting such a big project with some great stories along way.

Transforming shadows

"Learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of exhausting yourself battling them. Reclaim vast amounts of energy and joy and channel it into your creativity and passions."
Just a couple of things that Jamie Catto, former member of the band Faithless, promises from his talks and workshops. Watch his captivating talk at Summercamp 2016 and think about work and life a bit differently.

What is success but a feeling?

Pablo 'The Disco Bunny' Woodward shakes things up at Summercamp 2016 with his truly amazing story of his unusual upbringing from the streets of Brazil to the countryside in the UK.
This talk goes through a rollercoaster of emotions that might just end with you dancing!

The big detox of everything I learned at school

Lenneke challenges the education and work systems with her journey to the idea of Society 3.0 and Seats2meet.
She speaks of making change to the dated school system so we can teach children in appropriate ways for our future, a realisation she came to after a detox from everything she learned at school.

Leading with an open heart

Cosmina had a very different upbringing to most under communist rule in Romania. She learnt some valuable lessons and at Summercamp 2016 explains some qualities of amazing leaders.
What can you do to be a better leader?

Finding freedom at work

Penina tells of her struggles and how she came from a poor background in Israel to becoming a successful lawyer in the UK.
Since then she has become an author of a book called 'The Freedom Revolution',which is for people who follow their passion while being profitable. This was an idea that she had while attending our Ashram event in Chennai earlier that year.

My story of awakening

Gustavo Tanaka, author of the most popular Medium post of 2016 shares his story of awakening at Summercamp 2016.
He gives some great examples of how money and work are not the be all and end all of a happy life.

Learning to fly

At Summercamp 2016 Beth gives an inspirational talk and motivates you to go out there and do what you love.
Beth asks two very poignant and important questions at the end of her talk: "How do you want to feel in your business and in your life?" and "How can you set up your business in a way that allows you to feel like that?".

Clearing the way

The mystical Charles Davies gives a great talk at Summercamp 2016 where he explores the struggles of ticking all the boxes in your education and work and yet finding it unfulfilling.
He also gives some insights into a hilarious manifesto he wrote on how to live your life.

How to trust a stranger

Janne tells of her amazing story travelling the world, making friends with strangers and spreading a positive message. At Summercamp 2016 Janne explains how she gets people to draw a beautiful time in their life and seize the moment.


Laurence Shorter
Author of The Lazy Guru's Guide to Life

Sebastian Castro
Founder, Echo

Shamash Aladina
Author and mindfulness teacher

Jon Barnes
Author & founder, Democracy Squared

Marianne Aerni
Learning designer & facilitator

Nick Stevens
Founder, The Big Building

Lotta Holmberg
Founder, Plan A Global

Ryan Hanna
Founder, Sworkit

Lenneke van Rossum


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