Making children smile again
Ash Perrin


Ash “Bash” Perrin is the founder and CEO of The Flying Seagull Project, a UK-based charity that brings happiness to children who are underprivileged, marginalised or suffering.

In 2007, Ash found himself playing guitar and doing some magic in an orphanage in Cambodia. Though the children were happy he noticed that this was unusual for them. As an entertainer and a clown who cares passionately about the health and happiness of children, he needed to do as much as possible to spread love, light and laughter to those who need it most. He wrote the idea for The Flying Seagull Project on a piece of paper that night and launched it three months later.

Since then, The Flying Seagull Project – a small, highly-skilled team of around twenty professional entertainers – have used music, arts, dance and clowning to spread smiles to more than 100,000 children in hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps around the world.

Their method reflects powerful current evidence from social science, neuroscience and biochemistry, and Ash has witnessed incredible transformations brought about by the power of play: the burden of premature adulthood lifted; children unable to engage becoming vocal, popular members of the group; frowns, fear and anxiety replaced by positivity and confidence.