Find out how to use and understand the power of your weaknesses. Find out how to, instead of fighting them, letting them work for you. In this provocative workshop Floris will share stories from his and other peoples remarkable changes after switching an inner button. No models or techniques that promise you to make the difference. Seek your smart approach and opportunities for your weaknesses and practice right away! Be prepared to have some 'realities' challenged. And if there is enough time, we'll also practice the art of Job Title Coaching: how to frame your new skills into a job people will love to pay you for?


In the workshop we'll find things out like and play with: Learning to unblock yourself from wrestling with your weaknesses and how to reframe them strengths. Finding out where you might be successful with them. Discovering that things like: to doubt, to be lazy, to be arrogant, to be uptight all have treasures within. That life contains a huge paradox, we don't have to solve to be successful. And we play with transforming your weakness into a strength right away and show your new gifts to the world.


Floris has probably made more money by getting paid for his weaknesses than for his best skills. The trick he found was not fight what you can't do, but find out how to look at it differently and find places where people might pay for it.

Floris Koot is a possibility pioneer, social activist, trainer and educational innovator. He had more than 10 different creative jobs, (a.o. Illustrator, event designer & actor). Since 2001 he focuses on social change for people and organizations and is co-founder of Knowmads business school and GSI.