DIY UX for Startups

You have a big idea, mountains of passion and the know-how to turn thoughts into code. What you don't have is unlimited budget, a UX team (or even a designer) or time to balance getting a startup off the ground while earning UX credentials. In this workshop, we will explore and practice hands-on methods from the magical UX toolkit for some common problems faced by startups (or, if you ask me, any business): how do we record and communicate our vision? How do we turn our big idea into a first build without taking out a second mortgage? And how do we find out if the thing we're building is usable? Most importantly, how do we do all that in the scrappiest, most affordable way?


Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo is a UX practitioner with a background in qualitative research and visual design. She leads the UX and Design team at award-winning mobile agency, Future Workshops. An advocate of empathy in design, her work focuses on facilitating collaboration (in other words, getting clients to get their hands dirty and keeping developers happy).