NOrthern flicker

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“What is it that we want to do? What is it that is resonating in us, that we want to be born, but we are unable to give power to?”

Laurence and Carlos met these two in Costa Rica when they spoke at Echo. In this podcast Carlos chats to them about launching Northern Flicker, and how stepping out of their comfort zones to pursue more meaningful work has taken them on a journey of discovery.

As so often happens with work that comes from (and is powered by) our hearts, professional growth goes hand in hand with personal growth. 

This podcast contains...

  • How natural moments of change in life can be turned to your advantage
  • The unravelling thread of becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to begin seeking something that feeds the soul

Nathan and Ada will be offering a sound journey at Summercamp this year, a healing meditative experience delivered through music, as well as a cosy acoustic set in the evening on Saturday. We are so happy they could join us, we can’t wait for you to meet them.

Here's a taster of their music for you, in the meantime...

Nathan Getzin
Ada Ketchie