Over the weekend September 14-16 2018 a small group of budding entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, movement makers and startup founders will gather on a beautiful site set within 300 acres of rolling Sussex countryside.

Summercamp is the annual celebration of the incredible community we're building at The Happy Startup School. Inspiration is all around, amazing connections are made and new ideas are hatched. Those that come know that they've been part of something truly special. Many tell us it's the best event they've ever been to.

Can you afford to miss out again?





“When I left Summercamp, I felt as if I was floating on a big cloud of warm fuzzies. My heart was filled to the brim and my mind was swirling with recaps of the amazing weekend I had just had with the even more amazing people. These feelings then carried me home as I then floated all the way back to NYC. Now on day 2 post-Summercamp, the real impact has actually hit me. The first morning back to my routine, I walk out the door to head to work as I normally do. Same schedule, same route, same streets, same crazy L train. And yet, everything feels brand new. I feel brand new. I am not thinking of all the things I’m going to get done when I reach the office. I’m not thinking about the time, or all the unread emails in my inbox. I’m just walking with an overwhelming sense of purpose, looking at the once familiar people and streets through a new lens and wondering, “how can it be possible that I’ve changed so deeply? In just a weekend?” For a moment, I feel a pang of guilt, because I feel I am keeping a deep secret. The secret of this beautiful place that exists far away across the ocean, where people’s hearts and minds are aligned, where we are all one family, where smiles and laughs are abundant, and where the only differences that matter are the ones that we can share with each other as gifts.”
— Nisha, USA