The rise and fall of building a movement
Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo is a social entrepreneur who specialises in community building, innovation and culture change. She's the founding mother of Morning Gloryville, a social movement that pioneered the morning dance industry and has grown a community of 190K millennials globally. 

"I feel really shaky explaining this, and I can't believe I still feel it so viscerally, but nothing could have prepared me for stepping away from building something with so much love and passion for five years - it was like losing a child I didn't know I'd birthed!"

Sam blew everyone away with this raw, honest and deeply moving talk. As the founder of Morning Gloryville, a sober morning rave turned global movement, Sam unpacked the journey she went through, from Captain Hello Titties, to company director to burnt out entrepreneur, to where she's come to today. It was a rollercoaster ride, captivating the tent from start to finish.