feelings, needs and life design
SEB CASTRO + christine raine

Christine Raine and her partner Seb are adventurous spirits and world travellers with a deep desire to contribute to positive change and higher consciousness in the world. Amongst many other things they are the founders of Wondermore, an introspective travel initiative that facilitates community-based travel to exotic places through the concept of inner journeys, outside.

"When we take time to discover what our core needs are, and we design a life that responds to those needs, the simple yet radical insight that we wanna share with you today is that doing this can lead to a very meaningful life."

With stories from their adventures across the world, Seb and Christine took us on a journey at Summercamp 2018 – through understanding the way feelings and needs interrelate, how they carry messages to us that we can use, to consciously design lifestyles that sustain us.