NEW: Disrupting the status quo
Ruth Anslow gave a phenomenal talk at our Summercamp in 2015. A strong highlight for us and campers, she shared her honest story setting up HiSbe, a supermarket disrupting the food industry and the battles she faced on a personal level during the journey. It'll make you a little tearful so have tissues at the ready :')

NEW: A journey to enlightenment
Kumaran Mani joined our Home School program in 2014. In his application he told us all about hunger for creativity and passion for solving problems. And failed to mention that he ran a successful IT company that employed more more than 100 people, with a turnover running into millions of dollars. Whilst Kumaran had riches, he lacked purpose. We knew his was a story everyone can gain insight from, and here he is at our Summercamp in 2015 sharing his journey.

Building a free range business
Marianne Cantwell and Jack Hubbard gave an exceptional free range duo act at our Summercamp in 2015. They took everyone outdoors to speak about why we should live and run businesses as free range humans. Listen to their experience and stories alongside the 3 principles that make people free range.

How we went from a humble idea to a growing global community

The opening words at Summercamp this year heard Carlos, cofounder of the Happy Startup School share our story, why we chose to ditch our successful startup studio to help millions realise their entrepreneurial dreams, and the part which you and campers have to play in the story. Have a watch (there's some hilarious photos to chuckle at)

The Knowmads Story
You'll be in stitches watching Floris Koot take to the stage. Floris ran both a workshop, leading campers to embrace their inner weaknesses as positive traits, and gave a talk at camp this year. Here Floris shares his journey building an alternative business school in Amsterdam, that focusses on bringing positive change in the world.

What we can learn from the world's happiest people

6 years of research and globe trotting allowed Eiji Han Shimizu to unlock the secret sauce of what makes us happy. Eiji is one of the most inspirational people we've ever met. We were privileged he joined us.  

Keep your chin up! The story of how Jim Cregan founded Jimmy's Iced Coffee

They say you have to be hard nosed to run a successful business, but Jim is living proof that passionate, purposeful entrepreneurs finish first. At camp he shared with us the highs and lows of starting his iced coffee company.

How to be a rebel in business

This was an empowering talk from Alexander Kjerulf, expert in performance and happiness in the workplaceAlex told us how and why we need to go against conformity and pressure when building businesses. It's a must watch.

Zen and the art of bus driving

Tom Druitt is the founder of the Big Lemon Bus company, on a mission to disrupt the public transport industry by bringing more sustainable travel - and better passenger experience on his buses. At camp he shared why customer experience is number one when you're building a business.



"Allow people to bring their best selves + creativity to the table"
Evengia Grinblo, UX Practitioner at Future Workshops

"Trying to be perfect & successful works for no one. Work on your weaknesses."
Floris Koot, Founder of Knowmads

"Running a business brings joy + excitement that a corporate job will never give you"
Eiji Han Shimizu, award winning filmmaker

"If you can't run a business in a way that makes you happy you shouldn't be doing it"
Alexander Kjerulf, Founder of WooHoo!

"Tool yourself up to make change and stick with it" Charlotte Sewell, Social Impact Manager at COOK + BCorps

"Start before you're ready. Share the vision + you'll attract the people"
Ruth Anslow, Founder at HiSbe

"Don't take anything too seriously. Keep your chin up + just cruise"
Jim Cregan, Founder at Jimmy's Iced Coffee

"Choose a belief structure that empowers you to do what you want"
Jack Hubbard, Founder at Propellernet + Dream Valley

"What blocks us is much less about what's happening on the outside"
Richard Alderson, Founder at Career Shifters


Thank you so much for your contribution. We couldn't have filmed these inspirational talks without your support, high five!