The call of the wild – Nigel Berman


Nigel Berman is the founder of School of the Wild, an organisation that runs outdoor events designed to help people connect with nature amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. Having been to Summercamp for a couple of years, running Night Walks and Tree Dating as activities, Nigel stepped onto the stage for the first time this year, for a memorable and heartwarming account of his personal journey. In this thoughtful and light hearted, yet deeply meaningful talk, Nigel tackles big topics with his characteristic straightforward no-nonsense style, thoroughly winning the hearts of everyone at Summercamp, from business, to nature, and the big rhythms of life.

I heard the call of the wild. It started to feel like home. I started feeling happier, more relaxed and my blood pressure went down.

Meet Nigel in September

Nigel will be back again this year to host a Night Walk and Leading with Purpose campfire