Cheeky letters and dream lists – Pete Mosley


We're all born with a seed of potential inside of us, and if the seed gets light and it gets warmth and it gets nurtured we grow straight and strong and we grow into what we ought to be. But if the seed doesn't get light or warmth, we grow crooked or we become something that we really weren't meant to be at all. And all it takes is an over bearing parent, or a bad teacher, or an illness, or pain, something to drive the quiet in you, just to completely knock you off course.

Pete Mosley is a teacher, writer, speaker and coach specialising in helping people to fulfill their creative potential in the modern world, even when self promotion doesn’t come naturally. Designed specifically for introverts working towards business or personal development, Pete’s methods offer a practical and alternative look at the online and professional landscape.

Finding a model of success that works for you is really important, and it’s different for all of us, isn’t it? We all need to develop that special model that’s us, that’s driven from the heart
— Pete Mosley