Why I gave my company away – Simon Cohen


Simon Cohen talks graceful exits, the meaning of life and being a multiplier. 

Simon built Global Tolerance, an ethically minded PR Agency that represents some of the most prominent spiritual figures in the world, focusing on spreading messages of hope and tolerance. In 2013 he placed his whole company on sabbatical to coincide with the birth of his first daughter, and then, after a year of thought,  gave it away. He developed the Open Leadership Exercise (OLE) in order to leave in the right way- not to encourage a close and a degeneration but to inspire growth, while remaining emotionally invested in, and connected to, his project. 

Simon now lives in Cornwall with his family, dividing his time between reading books to his daughters and writing his own. 


That moment, that ending was one of the most precious and valuable gifts in my life. It was transformative.
— Simon Cohen