11-13 SEPTEMBER 2020

“A life-affirming emotional rollercoaster of a weekend”



Happy Startup Summercamp

A weekend of possibility. A lifetime of impact.

Next September, 150 changemakers will gather in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Summercamp is the annual gathering of the thriving global community we're building at The Happy Startup School. Now in its 7th year, you’ll find inspiration all around, learn things you didn’t know about business (and life) and make incredible bonds with new friends. Those that come know that they've been part of something truly special – many tell us it's the best event they've ever been to. And it’s not just for startups!

One of the top 10 business events in Europe



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Join us

and 150 changemakers, Creators, dreamers & rebels!

Despite our name, you don’t need to be a startup to come – or even have a world-changing idea!
Each year we welcome a diverse group of people to Summercamp – budding entrepreneurs, career changers, small business owners, freelancers, creatives, technologists, coaches, consultants, teachers, practitioners and the curious – all driven by a need to make a positive dent in the world, and a belief that there’s more to life and work than money.

If you haven’t been before, Summercamp is the place to find a tonne of people who you then spend the rest of the year working with, supporting, being supported by. All hung on the endless theme of how to live and work in a way that’s fulfilling and good.....Also - wood-fired hot tubs :)
— Charles Davies
I am still having trouble processing the last couple of days. I sat on the train home, looking at the scenery that I have seen so many times, but it was like I was seeing it through a new pair of eyes. Something inside me has fundamentally changed, thank you so very much. Viva la revolution!!!!
— Dan Flanagan, Tot Rockin Beats


What to expect

Summercamp is where you'll feel the support of the Happy Startup community for yourself. Yes there'll be inspirational speakers, woodland workshops, idea pitches, wild wellbeing, fun activities, delicious food and live music. But more importantly you'll find a unique group of friendly people that get you and, crucially, want you to succeed. Likeminded folk that want to make a positive dent in the world and don't want to do it alone. You won’t find any egos or judgement. Just kindred spirits ready to lend a supportive ear. This is a place to have the conversations that matter. This is the weekend that will light your fire. This is your tribe.


Inspiring stories








Delicious food


Live music


Wellbeing experiences


And lots more…

Made me realise the amazing potential of us all working together... instead of alone. Together we can change the world for the better.
— Rick Turner, Haps


Friends & partners

The Happy Startup School was borne from friendship, and this is the heartbeat of our community. Over the weekend you’ll see this in action – from the solar-powered shuttle bus driven by our friend Tom, to the locally brewed, sustainable craft beer made by Chris (one of the first Summercamp success stories). Here are just some of our partners and collaborators you’ll meet as part of the Summercamp experience.


School of the Wild

Meaningful experiences in nature


Old Tree Botanicals

Closed-loop botanical brewery


Big Lemon Bus Co

Zero emissions bus transport


Ren’s Kitchen

Delicious home cooked food


Good Things Brewing

Great beer brewed for a better planet


Stick It On DJs

DJ democracy



Adventures inspired by childhood


Sauna Box Sauna & Spa

Unique outdoor sauna experience


A message from the founders

Without Summercamp I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now, actually beginning to make my dream (and my purpose) a reality and, more importantly, actually enjoying the process and feeling like I might be making a positive difference in the world. Who knew that was possible?!
— Meg Jackson, Real Life Yoga


Frickley Lake


Summercamp takes place on a private 200-acre farm near Battle in East Sussex. A stunning site with a freshwater lake that nestles among beech and oak trees in the beautiful English countryside. Apart from the lake there’s a boathouse, camping gardens, a chill-out pagoda, UV forest, firepit and woodland making it the most perfect setting for our annual gathering. Go there once and you’ll want to come back.

How to get there

When I left Summercamp, I felt as if I was floating on a big cloud of warm fuzzies. My heart was filled to the brim and my mind was swirling with recaps of the amazing weekend I had just had with the even more amazing people. These feelings then carried me home as I floated all the way back to NYC.


Listen to podcast

A series of podcasts interviews with this recent Summercamp speakers


Watch past talks

Hear the stories of those that have inspired us from previous camps