A small event with a big impact

2019 Programme

Each year we curate a unique mix of talks, workshops and experiences to build knowledge, create breakthroughs and encourage connection. We invite in people that have inspired or touched us with their work, to conjure up an experience you’ll never forget. All aimed towards guiding you towards living a life that feels true to you, where you can make the impact you crave. Here’s just some of those you can expect to see this year.




Max St John

Why we need to stop worrying about climate change

Given what we know about the state of our planet, right now we need to be the most grounded, creative and connected version of our species that we can. But how do we do that when we're faced with daily threats of existential doom? In his talk Max St John will look at what wise action in times of climate crisis might look like and what each of us can do to start creating a future fit for all life. Max is a coach and facilitator who shows people how to get out of their own way so they can do the work they want to do and live a life that's aligned to their needs.


Dirk Bischof

Design yourself out of your business

Are you tired of being everything to everyone? You're in charge of sales, marketing, finances, admin, oh and doing your website and social media too. It's a common problem and you're not alone. The workshop run by Dirk, the founder of Hatch (an incubator for social entrepreneurs), will help you understand how to design yourself out of your business, building a team and aligning your strengths and abilities to those around you, moving your business forward. 


Christine Chopyak

Picture your business, vision & work

In this workshop, visual strategist, author and consultant Christine Chopyak from Colorado will teach you the basics of drawing. From there you will use templates, wicked questions and peer consulting to ‘picture’ where you are now, and where you would like to be in the next year. We also aim to co-create a BIG picture contribution for the Happy Startup community as the grand finale! 
🔊 Listen to podcast interview with Christine


Charles Davies

Very Clear Ideas

Charles Davies is the developer of Very Clear Ideas, Identity Yoga and Initiative Mapping, a three-part toolbox for finding clarity and creativity in your working relationships and in your relationship with yourself. Charles has built a career out of asking infuriatingly simple questions about what people are doing at work – and will help you to do the same.


Sally-Anne Airey

Leading With Fearless Compassion

The hardest part of leading and influencing others is learning to lead yourself. There’s no quick fix for this. Constantly bombarded by conflicting stimuli, it’s hard to focus on what really matters: the art of being human. Sally-Anne shows you how compassion and decisive action can go hand in hand.

📺 Watch her talk from 2018


Sebastian Castro & Christine Raine

Design Your Dream Life

Chris & Seb are living their dream life through the simple act of better understanding their individual and mutual emotional needs. Through a series of interactive exercises based on non-violent communication and storytelling, you will become more empathic with yourself and those around you, while triggering a new story full of possibility for your immediate future. Warning: big life changes may come after this workshop.

📺 Watch their talk from 2018


Ebonie Allard

From misfit to maven: The story of ‘argh’ to ‘ahhh’

Ebonie Allard is a coach, author, artist, advocate and host of the popular podcast Adulting With Ebonie. She helps creative misfits reveal their superpowers by simplifying their lives, eliminating guilt and helping them be bolder, freer and happier now. Her successful first business hid a secret – it ran her, rather than the other way round resulting in both burnout and breakdown. In her talk at camp, Ebonie will candidly share the personal challenges and changes she made in order to be happy, proud and fulfilled with her fun current reality. 


Nigel Berman

Leading with purpose campfire

At a time when business-as-usual is no longer sustainable, how can you be a force for good in an uncertain world? Around the fire, Nigel from School of the Wild will be using the power of the group to explore leadership and purpose from a different perspective and use nature to spark creative thinking on the bigger questions about the world as it is now. The aim is to inspire and be inspired to take actions that make a difference - individually and collectively.
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Christina Kisley

Your growth, on purpose

Christina Kisley is an entrepreneur and leadership coach who will kick your backside one minute and hug you the next. Christina believes that what we really need we also most fear and so in this workshop she’ll help you to break through your own fears to embrace more belonging and connection. She has a lifelong passion and strength for helping people grow and by the end of this workshop you’ll understand why we’re such big fans of her work.
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Nick Stevens

Impacting your business model

Making positive impact and earning money are no longer mutually exclusive. In this workshop you’ll learn how to do both at the same time with your happy startup. Led by entrepreneur and innovation consultant Nick Stevens, who lives in the Netherlands, from where he helps small and medium companies to turn their business into a force for good.


Sanderson Jones


Sanderson is back as the (booming) voice of Summercamp for the 6th year in a row. After years as a comedian and a performer, the bearded funny man has since co-founded Sunday Assembly – in his words ‘church without the God bits’ – and more recently Lifefulness, a practice of adapting the congregational community in a way that is secular, inclusive and evidence-based.

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Pete Mosley

Where the magic happens

The workshop will explore how values underpin our motivation, sense of purpose and direction in
life and work. Coach and author Pete Mosley will help you find your deepest, most motivating values. He’ll get you thinking about your own values-based personal narratives, how well they are serving us and look at examples of individuals and companies engaging at each level.

📺 Watch his talk from 2017


John Parkin

F**k it. It’s okay to struggle.

John C. Parkin is the author of the bestselling F**k It books. He and his wife Gaia Pollini teach how to relax, let go, be yourself and do what you love in retreats and workshops. They live near the beach in Italy. All we see of most people and most businesses is the front of okay or success. But behind that front, most people and businesses experience struggle. F**k It, it's time to talk about that, to acknowledge it, to embrace it as part of the natural cycle of life and business. And thus to discover how much talking about it actually helps.


Douglas McMaster

Waste is a failure of the imagination

Douglas McMaster is a chef and founder of Silo, the UK’s first ever zero-waste restaurant. Before its opening, Douglas had worked all over the world in several high profile restaurants and won BBC Young Chef of the Year. He took the title of Britain’s most irreverent chef at the first YBF awards, cooking a tasting menu comprised of food that would have otherwise been wasted. His ultimate vision is a tight-knit network of conscientious restaurants, working together to create a healthier, more sustainable alternative to the industrial food system.


Floris Koot

The fool & the swarm

Floris Koot is the founder of Knowmads Business School, who works internationally as a process catalyst on topics such as ritual design, swarm leadership and The Way of the Fool. In his workshop he’ll invite you to playfully discover – What fits you best? And what more is possible? You’ll learn to start acting from your intuition to help yourself and the world to flourish. Discover possibilities everywhere to make a difference, find deeper meaning or start exciting new projects. 


Line Mørkbak

A space for collaboration

We’re big believers in the power of the crowd and so devote much of the Saturday at camp to Open Space. This is a chance for all attendees to have the conversations and curate the discussions that they want to have. We've found it a powerful way to connect people and to surface the real needs of the group. Led by experienced facilitator and virtual collaboration expert Line Morkbak.
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1ca34dbc44a6-Lesley_Bio_Headshot_CROP (1).jpg

Lesley Graney

Creating Random Acts of Nonsense

Lesley Graney, founder, mother and northerner, started RAON as a WhatsApp group with friends, which then developed into a website, a series of live events, before blossoming into an interactive family show as part of this year’s Brighton Fringe festival. In her talk Lesley hopes to answer some of life’s biggest philosophical questions; most importantly, is the Hokey Cokey really what it’s all about?


Daphne Laan

Unlocking the wisdom of earth keepers

Daphne is MD at Down to Earth Collective, a social impact enterprise igniting people-powered change towards a more sustainable world. It started as a journey of a family to find a new perspective on life. It resulted in an award winning documentary unlocking the wisdom of Earth Keepers across continents. Seeing the film inspired many people to act and change things in their own environment or community. The film has become a tool to work with and help individuals, schools and organisations in using their own wisdom to create sustainable change.


More speakers to be announced soon



Blingo Bingo

Join Grandma Flash and the Blingo crew for a hilarious night of bingo, beats and breathtaking prizes. Expect lip sync battles, dance off's, more bling than you can throw a zimmer frame at and an out-of-your-seat bingo experience driven by an all killer, no filler Hip Hop, RnB soundtrack.


Botanical Brewmaking

From Old Tree Co Op, this technique of making quality beverages uses infusion, skilful blending and the fermentation of all-natural ingredients. Back by demand for a second year with an all new preindustrial fermented drinks workshop.


Laurence Shorter’s Spiritual Experience

Join author, coach and comedian Laurence Shorter as he interviews 3 inspirational guests to talk about big scary topics we normally leave at home. Expect an evening of connection, conversation and cheerful introspection.


Yoga in the tipi

Stretch, soothe and balance your way into the day. A staple each morning at Summercamp and the perfect way to get things moving.


Mindful rave

Ever been to a rave with a cup of tea? Start as you mean to go on with a mindful morning rave. This gets bigger and better each year and we’re already looking forward to it.


Night Walk

Nigel from School of the Wild will be leading a torch-free walk in the dark to help you connect with the natural world and your own senses.


Sunrise Service

Head out for an early morning walk led by our friends Unlost (formerly Unknown Epic). You’ll be rewarded with a moment of calm before the inspiration kicks in.


Random Acts of Nonsense

RAON is about smiles, laughter and creating memories. What started as a WhatsApp group with friends, developed into a website, before blossoming into an interactive family show as part of this year’s Brighton Fringe festival.


Sound healing

This session is designed to give you a bit of downtime (literally) so you can let all the inspiration and wisdom from your day bed into every cell of your body.


Stick it On DJs

A democratic discotheque, Stick It On is back by popular demand to give you a chance to be behind the decks and get your 15 minutes of fame. A camp highlight each year.


The Music of Trees

Geoff Robb was the winner of the 2018 Brighton Fringe Live Music Award for his solo show. His beautiful meditative compositions blend his classical training and background in healing with his love of Spanish and Celtic music.


Japanese Swordfighting

Led by Dirk Bischoff, learn how to use a sword as an extension of your body, exploring how comfortable we are within. 


Movement workshop

This workshop focuses on the body and its immense capacity for expression. How we hold ourselves, how the world perceives us and our bodies, how we relate to others through movement and play.



Illuminating the cause and effect of greed, offering solutions and reminding us of the perfect simplicity of the essence of life itself, Enki reflects universal truths born in each of us, (re)connecting us with the joy and gentle power of our own innate compassion.


Wood-fired sauna & spa

Our friends at Beach Box Sauna and Spa will once again be running our wood-fired wild wellbeing area. Expect Finnish whisking and a lesson in how to spa the right way.


Coffee camper

We’re excited to welcome back Chris from The Thirsty Elephant and his retro camper! He’ll greet you on your way into the field with a smile, a chat and a fresh brew.


The Pottery Experience

There are few experiences as tactile and therapeutic as making with clay. This Summercamp learn to throw on a potters wheel and make some hand made pinch pots.


Saba Therapies

Soul and body Alignment. Relax, release and realign with Annalisa Saba’s therapy treatments in our luxury emperor tent.


Join us

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I admit I was a little apprehensive about going to Summercamp. I feared that it might all be a bit too hippie and ‘deep’ for me, or a ‘too cool for school’; or that my small kid-free, off- grid campsite might seem a bit insignificant in comparison to what other people were achieving. But actually it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was just really open, engaging and supportive, interested in new ideas and keen to share their experiences in order to help other businesses grow. There were no egos, which was really refreshing, just lots of talking, listening, laughing and dancing, oh and some Karaoke at 9.30am!
— Bridget, UK




9:00 - 11:00


Arrive, meet your fellow campers and get settled in

11:00 - 12:00

Opening Ceremony

Charles Davies and Floris Koot will ensure we kick off the weekend in the right way. You’ll come away feeling clearer, calmer and more connected.

12:00 - 1:00

Buffet lunch

Nutritious food from our friends at Ren’s Kitchen

1:00 - 2:40


Welcome address – Carlos Saba
Waste is a failure of the imagination – Douglas McMaster
From misfit to maven – Ebonie Allard
Why we need to stop worrying about climate change – Max St John

2:40 - 3:00


Tea, coffee & snacks

3:00 - 4:30


The fool and the swarm – Floris Koot
Picture your business, vision & work – Christine Chopyak
Design yourself out of your business – Dirk Bischoff
Your growth, on purpose – Christina Kisley

4:30 - 6:00

Free time/activities

Wild wellbeing spa
Botanical brewing

6:00 - 7:00

Bar opens

7:00 - 9:00

Barn banquet

A delicious 3 course meal (with wine)

9:00 - 11.00


The Laurence Shorter Spiritual Experience
Stick It On DJs



7:00 - 8:00

Morning activities

Yoga in the tipi
Mindful rave

8:00 - 9:00


9:00 - 11:10

Talks & idea pitches

Retreat yourself – Sanderson Jones
Pitch your idea or business in 1 min

11:10 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:30

Open Space intro

Line Mørkbak and Nick Stevens will kick off this section which offers the opportunity for anyone at camp to contribute a conversation, talk or workshop

12:30 - 1:30

Buffet lunch

1:30 - 3:30

Open Space Sessions

Expect dozens of sessions across multiple venues – from the boathouse and tipi, to pagoda tent and fire pit. This is emergent, experiential learning in action.

3:30 - 4:00


4:00 - 6:00

Free time/activities

Wild wellbeing spa
Japanese swordfighting
Karma camper
Sound healing

6:00 - 7:00

Bar opens

7:00 - 9:00

Barn banquet

A delicious 3 course meal (with wine)

9:00 - 11.00


Night walk
Blingo Bingo



7:00 - 08:00

Morning activities

Yoga in the tipi
Sunrise service

8:00 - 9:00


9:00 - 11:20


Lightening talks from the community
John Parkin – F**k It, Do What You love

11:20 - 11:35



11:35 - 13:15


Make great ideas happen – Lana Jelenjev
Impact your business model – Nick Stevens
Where the magic happens – Pete Mosley
Leading with purpose campfire – Nigel Berman

13:15 - 14:15


14:15 - 15:00

Closing ceremony & goodbyes


Bus leaves, departures



Looking back

one piece of advice for budding changemakers

Each year at Summercamp we grab a few minutes with our speakers to get them to share their wisdom