Entrepreneurship as a spiritual journey – Gino Yu


Hold on to your hats everybody, this one is not for the fainthearted. Gino Yu takes on all consciousness, history, science, religion, politics and computer science in this whirlwind through the spiritual and material realm.

Gino Yu joined us at Summercamp this year all the way from Hong Kong, where he works as an Associate Professor and Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development. Having spent the last 15 years mapping out the process of the development of consciousness, Gino's perspective is unique, mesemerizing, and all-encompassing. 


All there is to everything in the universe right now, from the point of view of your awareness and from the perspective of every cell in your body, is what you know from your senses - which is literally the experience of this tent right now, there’s how your body feels - whether you’re hungry thirsty or have to go to the bathroom, and there’s what you know from thought - and right now everything in the universe is in one of those three categories. For example, does this roll of tape exist? And, right now, does London exist?